How One Simple Yet Powerful System Is Helping Regular Business People Harness The Power Of The Internet... Boosting Their Targeted Traffic And Increasing Their In-Store Sales

Are you struggling to get traffic to your website, generate more qualified leads and
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Ever wished your website would deliver the leads and sales you hoped for when you launched it? You know...the ones your web designer swore you'd get!

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Whether you're a retailer, independent consultant or professional service provider, if the leads and sales you're after are within a 30 mile radius of your business, Reaching The Web-Savvy Shopper is for you.


With the clear explanations, step-by-step instructions, 7 straight-to-the-point videos, and plenty of timesaving advice, you'll quickly learn how to use free resources to:

Build dynamic business profiles at ALL the major search engines
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Position your business in front of the best of all prospects-- the shoppers who are buying NOW

Get local recognition as The Authority in your area of expertise

Generate more phone calls and walk-ins to your store or office

Make sure that everyone in your local market is aware of your product and services because They See Your Name Everywhere

The Data Is In:

Shoppers are using the web as the starting point for making buying decisions whether they intend to purchase online or not. In fact, 79 percent of all in-store purchases last year began with an online search. So if your business doesn't have online visibility in 2010, you're really just out of the picture. Meanwhile, you can keep needlessly losing money by the day OR...

Get The System That Helps You Dominate Your Local Market

Written by a veteran in-the-trenches practitioner, this step-by-step guide shows you how to create and implement a successful online promotion strategy.

Web and search engine marketing expert Kamau Jackson, in his straight-forward, yet insightful style, demystifies the process of getting high search engine rankings and goes straight to "the money part".

Kamau Jackson, is Senior Strategy Consultant at Internet Knowledge Solutions, and author of the forthcoming book Capture The Home Page Advantage: How To Transform An Under-performing Website Into
A Round-the-Clock Marketing and Sales Machine

Kamau has worked with 63 companies in a variety of industries and provided web consulting, fundraising and marketing services to 14 of the largest U.S. non-profits. His knowledge of the latest search engine marketing trends is proven by hundreds of top local search engine rankings in highly competitive markets.

He'll be providing year-long complimentary email support to all Reaching The Web-Savvy Shopper readers.

Lets face it. The internet is loaded with outdated, partial, and mis-information, not to mention wannabe 'marketing gurus', and outright thieves claiming to be SEOs. Who hasn't gotten the spam email promising to get you a #1 ranking overnight?

Here's a chance to get credible information, video-assisted instruction, and expert support to get you up and running for a quarter of what a phone consulting would cost.

Take A Look At Just Some Of What You'll Learn...

Make All The Top-Tier Search Engines Promote Your Business

Discover The Hidden Secrets of the Internet Yellow Pages

Dominate Local Search Engines and Directories

Build A Winning Local Search Engine Strategy For Any Market

Profit From Business Networks, Online Coupon and Customer Review Sites

Get Your Roadmap To Brand Recognition, Authority Status,
and More Qualified Leads And Sales

If you want online shoppers looking for your products and services to find YOUR site at the top of the search engine results, you need to get your show on the road before your competitors do. Reaching The Web-Savvy Shopper is your roadmap. You get the full video-assisted how-to Guide, a year of free updates, and expert email support. A no-brainer at $37. Click the button below for Instant Access.

Are Your Competitors Already On Top?

Think your competitors already "own" the top rankings? Don't worry. They're not etched in stone. Reaching The Web-Savvy Shopper will show you what you need to do to leapfrog to the top of the stack.

You'll learn advanced competitive analysis techniques to find out exactly what your competition is doing. You'll know which keywords are driving traffic to them-- and how much those key phrases are worth. You'll discover what they did to get their high rankings, and how you can do the same thing ("with a twist") to beat them at their own game.

Did You Know...?

When it comes to keywords, there are plenty of phrases that generate a lot of of traffic. But what good is a keyword with high levels of traffic but no commercial value?

You need to know in advance whether the traffic consists of people who are going to spend money with you (or are at least seriously shopping), or whether they're the tire-kickers who will ask a load of questions, expect free advice and consulting, haggle about the price, then wind up not spending a dime.

Want to target the buyers who make you money - not the melon-thumpers who waste your time? Reaching The Web-Savvy Shopper (and your ongoing year-long customer support) will help you do just that. So why wait?

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Another link to the Free 7 video Wordtracker Academy keyword research tutorial that we reference in our training


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How Much Is A Customer Worth To You In Lifetime Value?

If you're tired of local shoppers looking for your products and services finding YOUR competitors before they find you, Reaching The Web-Savvy Shopper will help put your business out in front. Can you afford to lose even more because of your own procrastination?

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